This article addresses the work of journalists in newsrooms producing content for multiple media: print, radio, television, the internet and others. Specifically, the study explores change in journalistic practice and workflow in the newsrooms of six European media companies: Austria’s Österreich and Der Standard; Spain’s La Verdad Multimedia and El Mundo; and Germany’s Die Welt/Morgenpost Group and Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine. Researchers interviewed reporters and news directors and observed newsroom practices. Aspects of project scope, newsroom management, journalistic practices and work organization were analysed by using a matrix of convergence descriptors.

The results suggest the emergence of three different models of newsroom convergence: full integration, cross-media collaboration and coordination of isolated platforms, with each of them having a different production system, newsroom organization and degree of journalists’ multi-skilling. Although none of the cases studied fits completely into any of those models, and they might not be regarded as «pure models», they still can be useful approaches to analyze the development of any particular media company.


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