a) Complex and chaotic systems in news production and retrieval in the media
b) FrameWork & Prototypes (1*)

c) Project FrameWork Model: WMS + CMS + KMS+SMMS: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-24960-0_7
d) Implementation of the NewsRoom Model - TCC
e) IT and TC Corporate Management (2*)

WEB SYSTEM (Development):
#F) CEDOC 3.0 (System to Documentation Center) : i) https://trello.com/b/RhGVXmiV/cedoc-20-app ii) Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences | 2019. Towards Ontology-Based Design Science Research for Knowledge Accumulation and Evolution (MARIANA & LUTHIERY)

#G) APP 4.0 (With assistance to 3.0) (1*)APP 4.0 The Campus Online Application is designed with the target audience of UnB students, teachers and servers wishing to receive UNB-related news centrally. i) The Campus Online App is a news app that has as its main benefit the uniqueness of UNB-related news written by UNB students, unlike other news apps that don't have this university focus. ii) The Campus Online app is being developed with the goal of adding a news posting platform for students taking the Campus Online course, a course offered by the Faculty of Communication. (Fernanda & João). iii) http://www.filosofiacienciaarte.org/attachments/article/999/Desenvolvimento%20de%20aplicativos%20para%20Aprendizagem%20Colaborativa%20apoiada%20por%20Dispositivos%20Mo%CC%81veis-uma%20ana%CC%81lise%20dos%20requisitos.pdf (FERNANDA & JOÃO CLÓVIS)

#H) ChatBot in Campus 1.0 - Jornalista Marília Nestor : (2*)Suporte ao trabalho Colaborativo
http://www.filosofiacienciaarte.org/index.php/projetos-onto-semant/889-mdmultimodal (3*)Campus Online is a digital laboratory journal of the Faculty of Communication (Journalism) of the University of Brasilia (FAC / UnB). The objective of the vehicle is to develop a multiplatform narrative of journalistic coverage, exploring the particularities of each social media to optimize the way information is transmitted to the reader. (JOÃO VITOR & PATRIC)

#I) Site of the Campus 2.0 (With assistance to 1.0) : i) https://campus.fac.unb.br/ ii) Using Ontology and Data Provenance to Improve Software Processes. iii) http://www.filosofiacienciaarte.org/attachments/article/999/Desenvolvimento%20de%20aplicativos%20para%20Aprendizagem%20Colaborativa%20apoiada%20por%20Dispositivos%20Mo%CC%81veis-uma%20ana%CC%81lise%20dos%20requisitos.pdf


RESEARCH GROUP: Rede de Pesquisa Aplicada Jornalismo e Tecnologias Digitais JorTec : http://tecjor.net/index.phptitle=P%C3%A1gina_principal

(2*)Telecommunication Engineering:
i) Serviços Educacionais: http://educorporate.com.br/
ii) Consultoria: http://ibrtec.org.br/index.html
iii) Serviços Tecnologia da Informação: http://www.legap.com.br/newsite/

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