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Ferramenta de estudo para alunos de medicina na especialidade de dermatologia

The spread of mobile devices promoted the proliferation of the mobile applications from the most various scopes and the clinical area is not an exception. Mobile technologies have been adopted a long time ago by this area for both professional and teaching purposes.
The work here presented primarily intends to provethe effective importance performed by mobile learning in the clinical learning context. More than just implement a simple learning resource, it was intended to conceive anintegrated system able to respond to all the students’ needs during the study at all its phases and places, and also at the hospital service wherethey may act as interns.
After an exhaustive review of the most relevant mobile applications in the medical field, it was  verified the inexistence of an integrated learning tool with various learning modules and not considered expensive by the students majority. Therefore, it was envisioned an application capable of overcome this gap that will be detailed
along this master thesis.

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