A) Tutorial rápido de criação de RDF até ás buscas da SPARQL
B) Validador de triplas. Funciona para ver as triplas formadas pela ontologia no Potégé.

C) https://rdflib.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ s a pure Python package work working with RDF. RDFLib contains most things you need to work with RDF, including:

  • parsers and serializers for RDF/XML, N3, NTriples, N-Quads, Turtle, TriX, RDFa and Microdata.
  • a Graph interface which can be backed by any one of a number of Store implementations.
  • store implementations for in memory storage and persistent storage on top of the Berkeley DB.
  • a SPARQL 1.1 implementation - supporting SPARQL 1.1 Queries and Update statements.