TEXTO FINAL DA TESE de Benedito Medeiros Neto\UnB\2012::  

This research is concerned about the evaluation of users of the Federal Government's Digital Inclusion programs and projects using data from the National Assessment Program GESAC 2009. The survey comprised a sample of 9,224 users considered included digitally, which received some form of training in electronic and digital environments, in a sample of 742 out of 3,570 GESAC points – points of digital inclusion promoted by the Federal Government and its partners, according to public policy agreements in Brazil, which offered actions of digital literacy between 2006 and 2008. In this sense, it was included, among others, Telecenters Labs of public schools, places of culture as well as military units. The study was conducted in four parts. In the first part, we aimed to assess the appropriation of technology based on the use of computers and access to information through the Internet by users of the sampled points. 



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