"A smart, articulate, and even with investigation that avoids derailing into either the utopian or the dystopian. If the best is enemy of the good, The Techno-Human Condition is the good at its best."

"I loved this book! I literally couldn't put it down! It made me think about the broad implications of my own research. My program is now to think about the issues the authors raise, and then to re-read the book in light of those musings. I just wish I could have the authors in my living room for a few (or days) to probe the issues they raise."

"The Techon-Human Condition is first a cogent descripttion of modernity from the perspectiveof a techological worldviewand second a perscription for our problems through a rejuvenation of key Enlightenment precepts. The authors have clearly outlined how and why are facing  a fundamental cultural crisis precipitated by 'wicked complexity,' and this book is a clarion call for radical adjustment. I predict it will become a touchstone for reorienting our thinking about techno-society and the need to reconsider how global problems are faced by industrial societies."

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