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  • Integración de redacciones en Austria, España y Alemania: modelos de convergencia de medios-AR73*


    This article addresses the work of journalists in newsrooms producing content for multiple media: print, radio, television, the internet and others. Specifically, the study explores change in journalistic practice and workflow in the newsrooms of six European media companies: Austria’s Österreich and Der Standard; Spain’s La Verdad Multimedia and El Mundo; and Germany’s Die Welt/Morgenpost Group and Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine. Researchers interviewed reporters and news directors and observed newsroom practices. Aspects of project scope, newsroom management, journalistic practices and work organization were analysed by using a matrix of convergence descriptors.

    The results suggest the emergence of three different models of newsroom convergence: full integration, cross-media collaboration and coordination of isolated platforms, with each of them having a different production system, newsroom organization and degree of journalists’ multi-skilling. Although none of the cases studied fits completely into any of those models, and they might not be regarded as «pure models», they still can be useful approaches to analyze the development of any particular media company.


  • MÓDULO II - Ambientes de Ensino: Linguagem Python

    ProCom/FAC - Prof. Marcelo Bulhões; Profa. Marilha Nestor; Prof. Medeiros Neto


    Conteúdo:A) Aspectos da linguagem de programação: Primitiva, sintática e semântica.B) Por que Python? Planejamento de um programa. Análise do problema. Implementação de um programa.

  • MÓDULO III - Python - Tomada de decisões

    UnB - FACULDADE DE COMUNICAÇÃO - FAC - Disciplina:   Programação para Comunicadores - ProCom - Data: 22/03/2017 - Prof. Marcelo Bulhões; Profa. Marília Nestor e  Prof. Medeiros Neto 
    Conteúdo: a) Comentários em Python; b) If + Elif + Else; c) Bool: True ou False; d) Indentação em Python; e) Função matemática: %; f)Função While (+ Else)

  • MÓDULO IV: Lógica de Programação

    UnB - FACULDADE DE COMUNICAÇÃO - Programação para Comunicadores


    INTRODUÇÃO À LÓGICA DA PROGRAMAÇÃO - 29/03/16- 04/04/17-11/09/2017 -Prof. Medeiros Neto

    A) Mundo Codificado de Vilém Flusser

    B) A programação de computadores é para todos?

    Dificuldades e desafios da programação de computadores:

  • MÓDULO V- Laços, Listas, Filas


    Disciplina:   Programação para Comunicadores - ProCom

    Data: 15/05/2017 -Profa. Marília Nestor


    Conteúdo:A) Estrutura de dados;B) Loopings, iterações, laços;C) Funções:, range;D) Listas, filas, tuplas, pilhas;E) Fatiamento de listas;  F) Funções: append, del, len, insert, pop, popleft e appendleft (from collections import deque.

    Parte Prática:I) Exercícios no slide;II) Exercícios no URI:1035, 1047, 1037, 1046, 1159, 1158, 1155,1156

  • Ontological Infrastructure for a Semantic Newspaper-RA29*

    Abstract. In order to make news management in the journalism domain affordable it is necessary to make machines aware of a greater part of the underlying semantics. However, things can not change from one day to the next. Newspapers have made great investments in their current news management systems and there have been also great standardisation efforts in order to facilitate interoperation. The wish is to undertake a smooth transition. Moreover, it is also necessary to include more multimedia metadata as it is the main added value of digital newspapers. Our proposal is to build an ontological framework based on journalism (NITF, NewsML and NewsCodes) and multimedia (MPEG-7) standards. These standards are based on XML technologies. Therefore, we have developed a generic XML Schema to OWL mapping. The previous mapping is complemented with an XML metadata instances to RDF mapping that completes a transparent transfer of metadata from the XML to the Semantic Web domain. Once in a semantic space, data integration and news management and retrieval are facilitated enormously. The resulting ontological framework is now going to be applied in a journalism holding called Segre Media Group1, which produces press, radio and television content. 

  • Our visit the BBC - London, May 2016


    0) Date Journalism. Vide arquivo em anexo.

    1) The World’s Newsroom:

    O Jornalista Komla Dumor apresenta a nova Redação da BBC, no centro de Londres, Inglaterra, reforçando que “mais do que apenas um novo visual”, a nova Redação, chamada de The World’s Newsroom, reflete uma fusão sob o mesmo teto do jornalismo internacional da BBC com o estado arte da tecnologia. O espaço foi criado para privilegiar a produção multimídia para  múltiplas plataformas: TV, rádio e online em várias partes do mundo.

     <fotos e diagramas>

    2) "O fluxo de trabalho jornalístico e como ele é codificado num CMS é um grande problema para os jornais.

  • Semantic Data Integration in a Newspaper Content Management System-RA32

    Abstract. A newspaper content management system has to deal with a very heterogeneous information space as the experience in the Diari Segre newspaper has shown us. The greatest problem is to harmonise the different ways the involved users (journalist, archivists…) structure the newspaper information space, i.e. news, topics, headlines, etc. Our approach is based on ontology and differentiated universes of discourse (UoD). Users interact with the system and, from this interaction, integration rules are derived. These rules are based on Description Logic ontological relations for subsumption and equivalence. They relate the different UoD and produce a shared conceptualisation of the newspaper information domain

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