Presents the identification of issues related to Cyber culture Studies and how they can collaborate with research in Information Science. Presents the literature review, the historical and theoretical contexts of cybernetics, characterizing it as a precursor of area information and discussion machines in society. From this understanding, we present discussions about cyberculture and scientific perspectives on the field, demonstrating the research institutions about Cyberculture and Internet Studies. To understand cyberculture as a scientific object, is used as empirical corpus, the objects of study of research groups registered in CNPq, where the recurring themes are checked on this, and what are the interdisciplinary perspectives. Finally, the subjects collected are categorized and structured so that they can serve as a reference for Information Science. We conclude that the Cvberculture Studies are evolving to the disciplinary field of Internet studies, and in turn, Information Science should attend this course so active, whether in research groups, either in curricular practices in subject areas.

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