De todas as promessas de revolução, a da educação on-line está cada vez mais próxima. 
E não sou eu quem diz isso. Mas o pessoal de Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford. Essas e outras universidades americanas de excelência estão fazendo um movimento histórico de transferir seus cursos para plataformas digitais e oferecê-los para o mundo todo, boa parte deles, gratuitamente.


Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos

The Learning Revolution International is dedicated to changing the way the world learns - one learner at a time.


What We Stand For  


We are dedicated to excellence and achievement-based learning by unlocking the talents and passions of every learner!


Everyone is a teacher. Everyone is a learner. There is no such thing as being completely learning disabled. We may have learning difficulties and challenges, but the brain’s natural inclination is to learn. The question is what does it take to bring out your optimal ability to learn.




History's newest revolution: to change the way the world learns

          Education is abouto to change more than it has in almost 300 years – since the Prussian Government compsory schooling in 1717.

       We've called this  The New Learning Revolutinon.

       But it is much more than a single revolution. Dynamic,expanding network are conv to provide the synthesis  for  a new creative age.

        They challenge each one of us completely rethink whant we mean by learning, teaching, schooling and education itself.