The Mobile Communication Society: A cross-cultural analysis of available evidence on the social uses of wireless communication technology
Manuel Castells (USC), Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol (UOC), Jock Linchuan Qiu (USC), and Araba Sey (USC)
Abstract:  This research report offers an analytical overview of existing research on the social uses of wireless communication technology. It seeks to provide a solid empirical basis for an informed discussion of the social uses and social effects of wireless in Europe, the AsianPacific and the United States. Major themes explored include the deep connection between wireless communication and the emergence of youth culture, the transformation of language by texting and multimodalty, the growing importance of wireless communication in socio-political mobilization, and changes in the practice of time and space resulting from wireless communication.
Section 1 Comparative Statistical Overview of Diffusion
Section 2 Social Differentiation of Wireless
Communication Users by Age, Gender, and Socio-Economic Status in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Section 3 Analysis of Social Uses by Areas and Countries
Section 4 The Mobile Youth Culture in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Section 5 Wireless Communication and Socio-Political Mobilizati
on: Case Studies
Section 6 The Language of Wireless Communication
Section 7 Space and Time in the Mobile Communication Society .
Section 8 Making Sense of Observation

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