Mestrado em Tecnologias e Metodologias em E-Learning
This paper presents in a summarised way, a study-developed between September 2012
and July 2013 - on the impact of blended-learning methodology in the continuous
training of teachers, through the promotion of four training activities with 30
The main purpose of this project is to evaluate the degree of teachers‘ satisfaction
towards training in the form of blended-learning, as opposed to the classroom-based
training received. The training will focus on testing Web 2.0 resources for the teachers
to implement in the teaching/learning process.
The study takes a quantitative approach of collecting and analysing data, in the form of
a survey, in order to verify if the teachers acquire skills through the continuous training,
on a blended-learning regime, and whether it contributes to the level of satisfaction of
the trainees.

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