Programa de Pós-Graduação em Jornalismo Universidade Federal da Paraíba

Jornalismo em ambientes multiplataforma [recurso eletrônico] / Organizador: Pedro Nunes.-- João Pessoa: Editora do CCTA, 2016. 359p. Modo de acesso: online ISBN: 978-85-67818-68-1 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12702/978-85-67818-68-1 1. Jornalismo. 2. Jornalismo multiplataforma. 3. Jornalismo móvel. 4. Jornalismo transmídia. 5. Convergência jornalística. 6. Jornalismo digital. I. Nunes, Pedro.



showcases cutting-edge research on the intersections of Semantic Web, collaborative work, and social media research, exploring how the resources of so-called social networking applications, which bring people together to interact and encourage sharing of personal information and ideas, can be tapped by Semantic Web techniques, making shared Web contents readable and processable for machine and intelligent applications, as well as humans. Semantic technologies have shown their potential for integrating valuable knowledge, and they are being applied to the composition of digital learning and working platforms. Integrated semantic applications, linked data, social networks, and networked digital solutions can now be used in collaborative environments and present participants with the context-aware information that they need.

O livro Sistemas Colaborativos discute os sistemas e as técnicas para aplicar a colaboração entre pessoas, lança um olhar para aguns aspectos humanos e culturais sobre a tecnologia.

Livro-texto que consta no currículo de referência da Socieade Brasileira de Computação.




Bruno Freitas Gadelha 

In this thesis we explore software development on the context of groupware, specifically on supporting collaborative learning. Groupware development is not a trivial task given that technological and social issues are involved. Considering the technological issues, a huge amount of time is wasted on implementing infrastructure aspects leaving little time for implementation of innovative solutions on collaboration. Considering the social issues, we should take into account that group work is dynamic and that group composition changes over time. So, we developed a software product line for groupware based on the 3C Collaboration Model. 

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