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Abstract— New technologies are slowly changing the shared experience of watching TV. In the case of educational applications, the interactive use of a second screen, such as mobile devices synchronized with digital TV contents using data connection, offers promising new possibilities. However, populations from some regions in the world are not part of this trend due to their lack of data connection or other technological infrastructures. This paper focuses on possible technical solutions to provide applications using mobile devices and digital TV, applied to an educational context. It also describes a user test carried out with students, exploring interaction with TV content through a second screen device. As a preliminary trial, it was very fruitful in providing information about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) requirements for future next steps of this research. The focus was the educational toolset prototype “Buddy Learning”, and alternative options for providing the second screen experience were explored. Three research aims were considered: 1) developing a technical solution for transmitting data content for regions where data connection is inexistent or intermittent; 2) obtaining preliminary information about HCI requirements for learner interaction with the proposed system through a user test with the prototype; 3) stimulating and motivating undergraduate and graduate engineer students to develop solutions involving a digital TV infrastructure that would be workable in remote areas.

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