DBR is applied to develop and evaluate an m-learning environment, Mobile Learning Research (m-LR) delivered by mobile handheld devices. ... Learning with wireless mobile devices and social software. In Proceedings of the ascilite 2006 (Sydney, Australia2006). ...

This paper, a meta-research study, focuses on design-based research (DBR), the educational technology variant of design science research (DSR). DBR is applied to develop and evaluate an m-learning environment, Mobile Learning Research (m-LR) delivered by mobile handheld devices. The emergence and evolution of DSR in the information systems discipline and, similarly, DBR in educational technology are overviewed, noting similarities and differences. The development of an m-learning application for a South African tertiary education context, illustrates DBR. The development and research process involved six iterations, comprising four evaluations and two digital profile studies. The study reflects on the nature and extent of the conformance of m-LR to the features and tenets of DBR. In line with the characteristic dual-outcomes of DBR, the development process not only generated the designed artifact, m-LR, but also produced theoretical contributions.

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